Manufactured & Mobile Homes in Ossipee, NH

Manufactured homes are the best of both worlds – they are both durable and affordable. A manufactured home is a mobile home with various customizable features that is built in a factory and for a portion of the cost of a conventional home. There are two traditional types of mobile homes – single-wide homes and double-wide homes. At Northern Lakes Contracting Services, we specialize in mobile home set up of both single- and double-wide manufactured homes in Ossipee, NH and the surrounding towns of the Lakes Region.

Single-Wide Mobile Homes

Single-wide manufactured homes extend up to 90-feet in length and 18-feet in width. Single-wides are the more affordable of the two common sizes of mobile and manufactured homes, and they are transported to their sites as single units. A single-wide home is much simpler to move off its site than a double-wide. Because of this, single-wide homes can easily be traded in to a dealer in exchange for a discounted rate on a future manufactured home.

Double-Wide Mobile Homes

white doublewide manufactured mobile home with porch

A double-wide manufactured home is larger than a single-wide. A typical double-wide mobile or manufactured home extends up to 90-feet in length and up to 32-feet in width. Unlike single-wide homes, double-wides come in two units and thus are delivered to their sites in two pieces. Double-wide manufactured homes are customizable and well-equipped with updated features as desired. And when installed by an experienced professional, double-wide homes are constructed to last for many years, even in the harsh winters experienced throughout Ossipee, NH and across the Northeast.

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